Samantha Cruuz - Right Touch [FullHD 1080P]

Genre: Sex Art, SexArt, Samantha Cruuz

Video Description: Curvaceous Colombian beauty Samantha Cruuz is massaging lotion into her silky skin, as Andrej Lupins erotic movie Right Touch begins. Shes joined by Deny Lou, who caresses his gorgeous Black girlfriend adoringly, running his hands up her lovely legs and fondling her soft breasts. Samantha moans with pleasure as Deny sucks her nipples, then unfastens her lingerie and licks her pussy skilfully. Shes eager to give him a taste of the oral attention, gazing up at him as she sucks his stiff cock voraciously. Now Deny penetrates Samantha in missionary, her legs hooked over his shoulders so he can plunge deep. They switch to cowgirl, her breasts jiggling in his face and her sexy bubble butt rippling as she slides up and down, riding to an intense orgasm. She climaxes again as Deny fills her with hot cum that trickles out as they kiss, breathless and happy.

Lexi Dona - Her Pleasure [FullHD 1080P]

Genre: Sex Art, SexArt, Lexi Dona

Video Description: Gorgeous Lexi Dona takes off her sexy lingerie and masturbates sensuously, as Andrej Lupins erotic movie Her Pleasure begins. Catching her breath after an intense orgasm, she sees Nick Ross standing in the doorway he joins her on the bed and kisses a path from her lips to her shaved pussy, using his tongue and fingers to drive her wild. Nick penetrates Lexi in missionary, her leg hooked over his shoulder so he can thrust deep they switch to cowgirl and she bounces up and down athletically, the bed rocking. Dismounting, Lexi sucks Nicks cock voraciously, then straddles him and impales herself again. She rides until they orgasm in unison, his hot cum dripping out of her drenched pussy as they kiss through the afterglow.

Jadilica, Una Fairy - Love Balance [FullHD 1080P]

Genre: Sex Art, SexArt, Jadilica, Una Fairy

Video Description: Cute blonde Una Fairy and her raven-haired girlfriend Jadilica are in a sweet embrace, as Andrej Lupins erotic lesbian movie Love Balance begins. They kiss and caress as they undress each other, hands grabbing beautiful breasts and curvy ass cheeks, lips wrapped around stiffening nipples. Jadilica spreads Unas prominent pussy lips with her tongue, then laps at her clit and eases a couple of fingers inside to intensify the blissful sensations until she trembles through a breathless orgasm. Una frigs and licks Jadilicas pussy just as eagerly, driving her to peak after peak of pleasure. Moving into scissors, they hump together frantically, both of them climaxing in unison before they collapse onto the silk sheets, bodies still entwined. Hide

Claire Roos - Feel That Feeling [FullHD 1080P]

Genre: Sex Art, SexArt, Claire Roos

Video Description: Cute blonde Claire Roos smiles with pleasure as Rickys hands caress her slender body. As Andrej Lupins erotic movie Feel That Feeling begins, the lovers undress each other Ricky fondles Claires perky breasts while she strokes his stiff cock. Shes just as eager to suck it, wrapping her lips around the thick shaft and bobbing her head avidly. Ricky reciprocates with gusto, fingering and licking Claires shaved pussy until shes squirming with arousal. Claire hooks her leg over Rickys shoulder as he penetrates her in missionary, fucking her with powerful thrusts to give her an intense orgasm. They switch to cowgirl and Claire rides vigorously, her breasts bouncing and ass cheeks rippling as she climaxes again. A simultaneous orgasm leaves them trembling in each others arms, Rickys cum trickling from Claires drenched pussy.

Eveline Dellai - A Better Day [FullHD 1080P]

Genre: Sex Art, SexArt, Eveline Dellai

Video Description: Sexy brunette Eveline Dellai is brushing her teeth when shes interrupted by a tender caress from Charlie Dean. As Andrej Lupins erotic movie A Better Day begins, Charlie bares his sweethearts breasts and fondles them amorously, sucking her nipples until they are hard as diamonds. They stumble to the bed together and Eveline frees Charlies erection from his pants and sucks it avidly, cheeks hollowing as she bobs her head to take it deep.

Fibi Euro, Massy Sweet - Would You Like [FullHD 1080P]

Genre: Sex Art, SexArt, Fibi Euro, Massy Sweet

Video Description: Cute girlfriends Fibi Euro and Massy Sweet are scrolling through a dating app together, as Andrej Lupins erotic lesbian movie Would You Like begins. Acting on their mutual attraction, sexy blonde Fibi kisses Massy, and the petite brunette responds enthusiastically. Fibi caresses Massys lovely breasts and sucks her puffy nipples, then tugs her panties aside to expose her smooth shaved pussy and strokes it sensuously.

Lee Anne - In Your Blue Eyes [FullHD 1080P]

Genre: Sex Art, SexArt, Lee Anne

Video Description: Sexy blonde Lee Anne stands at the bedroom window, massaging lotion over her gorgeous body, as Andrej Lupins erotic movie In Your Blue Eyes begins. Her lover Jimmy Bud smiles appreciatively as she caresses her firm round ass cheeks and perky breasts she joins him on the bed for a tender kiss that soon grows passionate. Jimmy strokes Lee Annes hairy pussy as she grinds in his lap, then sucks her nipples and licks her until shes wet, aroused and ready to take his stiff cock. He penetrates her in missionary, gazing at her lovingly as he thrusts in up to the hilt. Lee Anne hooks one leg over his shoulder and strums her clit as Jimmy fucks her to an orgasm that leaves her quivering and breathless. They switch to cowgirl, Lee Anne sliding up and down Jimmys rigid cock energetically, breasts jiggling and ass cheeks rippling as she rides to another intense climax and he fills her with hot cum.

Liz Ocean - I Need You [FullHD 1080P]

Genre: Sex Art, SexArt, Liz Ocean

Video Description: Cute brunette Liz Ocean is cuddling with Deny Lou, as Andrej Lupins erotic movie I Need You begins. As they wrestle, flirt and kiss, Deny pulls off his girlfriends shirt and lavishes attention on her gorgeous breasts, making her squirm with arousal. Liz gets Deny naked and gives him a playful blowjob, licking the length of his stiff cock and kissing the head before sucking it deeper. Shes soon naked too straddling Deny, she guides his erection into her shaved pussy and starts to slide up and down it, rocking her hips sensually. The petite beauty rides with increasing passion, her sexy ass bouncing frenetically. They switch to reverse cowgirl and then spoons, Deny thrusting rhythmically to drive Liz to an intense orgasm and filling her with hot cum as the perfect climax to their sweet lovemaking.

Angelika, May Thai - Quiet Joy [FullHD 1080P]

Genre: Sex Art, SexArt, Angelika, May Thai

Video Description: Gorgeous blonde Angelika Grays is giving her sexy Asian girlfriend May Thai a sensual massage, as Andrej Lupins erotic lesbian movie Quiet Joy begins. She peppers kisses over Mays silky skin and murmurs tender words, their embrace growing increasingly fervid. Anjelica lifts Mays tight sweater and tongues her nipples, then tugs her panties aside and licks along the slick groove between her plump pussy lips. Easing her fingers into the wet heat, she drives May to an intense orgasm, then peel off her own panties and straddles her sweet lovers face. May eats Angelikas shaved pussy skilfully, lapping at her puffy clit voraciously. Dismounting, Angelika lies back and May resumes her oral attention, giving her a mindblowing climax.

Alexis Crystal - Pulsation [FullHD 1080P]

Genre: Sex Art, SexArt, Alexis Crystal

Video Description: Feminine hands caress a chiseled male torso under cascading water, as Andrej Lupins erotic movie Pulsation begins. In the bedroom, gorgeous Alexis Crystal reclines in sexy lingerie, touching herself as Jimmy Bud watches appreciatively. The lovers kiss passionately before Alexis goes face down between Jimmys thighs to stroke, lick and suck his thick cock. He reciprocates eagerly, sucking her diamond-hard nipples and eating her pussy to a string of intense orgasms.

Lumi Ray, Alice Hernandez - Close To My Heart [FullHD 1080P]

Genre: Sex Art, SexArt, Lumi Ray, Alice Hernandez

Video Description: Sexy California girl Lumi Ray and her cute Brazilian-Japanese sweetheart Alice Hernandez are in a passionate embrace, as Andrej Lupins erotic lesbian movie Close To My Heart begins. Lumi caresses Alices beautiful breasts and slides a hand between her slender thighs they are soon both naked as Lumi strokes and spreads her girlfriends plump-lipped pussy, then licks the succulent pink folds skilfully. She gives Alice an intense orgasm, then straddles her face and grinds to one of her own. Trading places, Alice licks Lumis shaved pussy just as eagerly, lapping at the smooth folds and fingering her vigorously to drive her wild. They entwine their legs in scissors, humping sensuously until they are both breathless and glowing with pleasure.

Blu Chanelle - Delicate [FullHD 1080P]

Genre: Sex Art, SexArt, Blu Chanelle

Video Description: Venezuelan beauty Blu Chanelle puts on sheer black stockings and matching panties, as Andrej Lupins erotic movie Delicate begins. The Latina brunette admires her reflection in the mirror before dancing seductively for Lorenzo Viota, who kisses her silky thighs as he peels off her nylons. Blu is soon naked again, grinding in Lorenzos lap as they kiss passionately, then kneeling to cram as much of his huge cock into her mouth as she can manage. She strokes and sucks it eagerly before straddling him in cowgirl and sliding up and down on it sensuously. Picking up the pace, Blu bounces energetically, her sexy ass rippling as she rides to a breathless climax. Lorenzo eats her pussy until she orgasms again, her breasts jiggling and her back arching he penetrates her in missionary and fucks her vigorously, then switches back to oral to drive her wild. Thrusting into Blus soaked slot in spoons, Lorenzo triggers her final climax with his

Zazie Skymm, Sata Jones - Wanting You [FullHD 1080P]

Genre: Sex Art, SexArt, Zazie Skymm, Sata Jones

Video Description: Gorgeous Sata Jones is so frustrated that her cute roommate Zazie Skymm is absorbed in her phone. As Andrej Lupins erotic lesbian movie Wanting You begins, the sexy brunette starts to touch herself inside her pajama pants Zazie pretends not to notice until Sata gently caresses her silky skin. She cant help responding to Satas kiss with growing passion, moaning softly as Sata sucks her stiffening nipples and strokes her through her silk panties, then peels them off.
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