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Megan Love - I Cum Inside [HD 720P]  - PutaLocura

Genre: Puta Locura, PutaLocura, Megan Love, Young, Latina, Spanish, Creampie

Video Description: A few days ago, we recorded this wonderful Creampie GangBang with Megan Love, and when I saw that all the guys were cumming inside her pussy, one after the other... I said to myself Fuck Torbe, you're going to be the only one Don't let all the cum inside the blonde. But you already know how I am, the pussy I see... and the pussy I want! So I'm meeting her, we're going to spend the afternoon together, laughing and whatever comes up! We start on the couch, Megan has taken the pig mask and says that it fits her like a glove! Apparently, she hasn't fucked in a few days... and she comes with a crazy desire!The first thing she gives me is a spectacular blowjob, this girl knows how to use her tongue like few others! Then we started fucking... and the truth is that I hardly remember anything, because it was like flying on top of a cloud... this girl drives me completely crazy, she does whatever she wants with me... and I have to admit that her pussy is pure butter! Putting my cock inside her body is a real delight... and it has reached the point where I couldn't hold it in anymore... and I have let it all out, absolutely everything inside her slit... tooooooomaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa CREAMPIE!!!!!

Marina Gold - Huge Cock For The Peruvian [HD 720P]  - PutaLocura

Genre: Puta Locura, PutaLocura, Marina Gold, BBC, Latina, POV

Video Description: Marina Gold is our Peruvian par excellence, she has long become essential on our website, and in one of our private conversations she asked me to be able to enjoy a good black cock, at least 25 centimeters long.... and the day has come, guys! Tremendous interracial fuck recorded in first person POV with some of the horniest and kinkiest chicks on the entire web! Look at Marina's face as soon as the scene begins, she is happy, content and satisfied with having a hunk of black man in front of her face who is going to blow her up!As you well know, at we do everything in our power so that the girls record the scenes in the best possible conditions, always pleasing them with everything they ask of us, and today Marina is going to enjoy a great fuck that you have! what to see with your own eyes! The scene begins with one of those blowjobs that a dead man raises, and then, an incredible fuck in various positions, where the Peruvian girl's pussy drips with pleasure with every push she receives! Tremendous kick-off with breathtaking close-ups, deafening screams of pleasure and an ending that leaves the couple completely exhausted!

Briseida Myers - Her First Bukkake [HD 720P]  - PutaLocura

Genre: Puta Locura, PutaLocura, Briseida Myers, Latina, Spanish, Sperma, Bukkake

Video Description: The day has come! You had asked us with great insistence and yes, guys, get ready to enjoy Briseida Myers in.... Her first Bukkake!!! And she is going to do it alone, without the help of any other girl, because Briseida dares to do this and much more! It all starts with the young Spanish woman showing off her pussy, what a divine little body she has... one of our volunteers quickly approaches her to start eating her pussy!After a few minutes everything becomes uncontrollable, the rest of the guys get into action and start fucking her in all the holes of her body! Briseida has a great time, she moves like a fish in water surrounded by so many erect cocks. But the best of the whole scene is saved for the end, when the horny young woman kneels on the floor and one by one, they unload on her all the semen accumulated in her balls throughout the week, it's brutal! We have done it once again, a new episode of our legendary series BUKKAKES with a protagonist that we really wanted to see facing such a pack of pigs in heat!

Snake - Double Penetration And Creampie! [HD 720P]  - PutaLocura

Genre: Puta Locura, PutaLocura, Snake, Anal, DP, Latina, Spanish, Creampie

Video Description: Spectacular scene that is very difficult to record in Spain! First of all, get a Spanish mature woman as powerful as Snake, owner of an amazing body and with that pair of natural tits! The next condition is that you want to record with two men at the same time! But it doesn't stop there, because Snake is willing to open his back door, giving his ass away in a Double Penetration!!! the kind you never see in amateur porn! The chick and I join forces to leave this lady totally satisfied! Tremendous threesome with a lot of positions, anal sex and an ending in the form of a Creampie! that will delight the entire wanking community! Don't miss it, it's simply brutal!

Alice Biancci - A Favor For Fidel The Bedel [HD 720P]  - PutaLocura

Genre: Puta Locura, PutaLocura, Alice Biancci, Young, Latina, Spanish, Big ass

Video Description: Nobody can deceive Fidel El Bedel. He is a mysterious character who works at a large University in Madrid. He leads the lives of all the Complutense students, without distinction! Fidel spends the day observing them, spying on them, meticulously writing down even the smallest detail in his memory... and then confronting them and attacking mercilessly! Today she went out for a walk in the park, and she ran into this dedicated student named Alice Biancci. The girl was reviewing the latest notes she took in law class... when I approached her to talk to her about her alleged affair with a faculty professor! She has tried to avoid the topic... but she has no choice but to end up confessing her scandalous relationship! I have proposed to reach an agreement, offering not to tell anything to anyone... I will look the other way as if this story had not happened... but first, the young student must do me a small FAVOR that none of you should get lost... for nothing in the world! What a morbid scene! Alice Biancci is so hot! And what a piece of dust we hit!

Emejota - Nobody Fucks Me Like Her [HD 720P]  - PutaLocura

Genre: Puta Locura, PutaLocura, Emejota, Young, Latina, Spanish, Big ass

Video Description: I love fucking Emejota! I have to admit that this girl has broken down the door of our website! Since she first appeared in front of the camera, she hasn't stopped recording scenes and her desire for porn grows in the same way as her number of followers. They don't stop growing and growing! A legion of wankers who devour her videos as if there were no tomorrow! I believe that her sweetness and her naturalness are the basic ingredients with which Eme Jota manages to cross the screens and connect with the entire straw community!Today I bring you a spectacular piece of sex where the blonde fucks me like a pig, in a lot of positions, to end up swallowing all my cum, and I, who am not a bad person to deny her! Tremendous fuck where Eme Jota will make some moans of pleasure that can be heard several blocks away. What a way to enjoy! You can't miss it, because Spanish beauty is tremendous!

Lilly Brans - Red-haired And Explosive Galician [HD 720P]  - PutaLocura

Genre: Puta Locura, PutaLocura, Lilly Brans, Young, Latina, RedHead

Video Description: Welcome to the north of Spain! I present to you this beautiful 19-year-old Galician girl named Lilly Brans. A redhead teen who wants to try her luck in the world of porn, has come to us almost by chance, and we introduce her to you saying that she is that type of pretty shy chicks who have something that makes me 1000, at first the nerves are They take control of her, she can barely speak a word and appears extremely embarrassed in front of the camera, but as soon as the action begins, the young Galician woman lets down her hair and behaves like a true wolf in heat!She drives me completely crazy that way she looks at you while she sucks you and spits all over your cock while she's dying to put it deep inside her pussy! Don't miss any detail of her beautiful ass, her incredible pussy, and those perfect natural tits that are ready to be eaten whole. Brutal!

Sofia Villalobos - Spanish Milf With Huge Tits [HD 720P]  - PutaLocura

Genre: Puta Locura, PutaLocura, Sofia Villalobos

Video Description: Today's Pilladas is going to make the sexual fantasies of many of you come true! I am convinced that in your closest circle you know a woman like Sofa Villalobos. 36-year-old Spanish mature woman who is on the verge of menopause... and I cut her off to offer her a succulent proposal that she won't be able to refuse! But let's focus on this aunt's profile, because as she approached me as I walked... a lot of acquaintances that I usually cross paths with every day in my daily chores have come to mind.She reminds me a lot of the baker at the corner store, the cashier at the supermarket, the waitress at the bar below my house... jojojo Sofa is a normal MILF, one of those of a lifetime, but yes, with a pair of spectacular NATURAL BOOBS! Today you will not find in this video the typical cute girl with extensions and false nails, but quite the opposite! A housewife, like her, can be any mother of your own colleagues, one of those who hasn't had sex with her in a while because she's separated, divorced, or who knows what! But here I am, guys, to do great social work.... giving myself body and soul to the cause... TREMENDOUS FUCK!!!

Megan Love, Emejota - Her First Creampie Gangbang [HD 720P]  - PutaLocura

Genre: Puta Locura, PutaLocura, Megan Love, Emejota

Video Description: The beautiful Emejota is going to be the host of this new crazy party that we have planned! Megan Love will be the poor unconscious person who appears in this dizzying experience in the world of porn, after that PILLADAS I did to her just a couple of years ago of weeks! Imagine the panorama... although the good Emejota tries hard to explain to him that everything is going to be fine, that she had a great time with Anita Blanch in that first contact in this demanding category of the Creampie GangBang, the thing It starts with the girls eating cocks left and right, they can't keep up, their cocks pile up in single file, until many of them, tired of waiting, decide to get into it hot and start fucking them in all the positions you can imagine!The girls have a great time, they enjoy themselves like pigs while they prepare for the final battle... Megan lies on her back with her legs open so that everyone present can unload on her the liters of semen that they have been accumulating in her balls. over week! jojojo it's brutal! But it doesn't stop there, Emejota will be in charge of licking up every last drop of cum... to pass it on to her partner and together they will share an afternoon of glory. WHAT FUCKING CRAZY!

Briseida Myers - Two Cocks For The Valencian [HD 720P]  - PutaLocura

Genre: Puta Locura, PutaLocura, Briseida Myers

Video Description: Good fucking is coming!!! Spectacular trio starring the beautiful Spanish Briseida Myers, a young Valencian born in Tavernes de la Valldigna on November 11, 2003! At just over 20 years old, Briseida dares to take on two huge cocks that are going to open wide all the holes in her small body! I was amazed watching this girl swallow both cocks with amazing ease! First she eats one, then the other, and when it seems like she's satiated... she starts again! The three-way fuck that I bring you today is brutal, where the tremendous ASS of the young Valencian girl steals everyone's attention, with some close-ups that will delight the entire wanking community! What a wonderful woman! What beauty! It doesn't matter the position in which she is fucking, because Briseida always finds the path that takes her mouth to the cock of the one she is not penetrating her with! More than half an hour of the best Spanish porn, as always recorded in the capital of Spain by and for all of you! Enjoy this wonderful teenager who has entered the porn world by breaking down all the doors!

Safira Yakkuza - A Pig With Huge Tits [HD 720P]  - PutaLocura

Genre: Puta Locura, PutaLocura, Safira Yakkuza

Video Description: How crazy guys! What a piece of dust I bring you today! Get comfortable because today's fucking is simply BRUTAL! The protagonist is a pig named Safira Yakkuza, owner of a spectacular body where two huge tits stand out! The aunt is a hottie no matter how you look at her. Thin, nice, pretty, kinky, hot, fiery, tremendously slutty... and a volcano in full eruption when she spreads her legs! I love how she sucks my cock, she does it wonderfully, looking at me out of the corner of her eye to see if I'm squirming with pleasure!But be careful when I put my tail between that pair of huge udders that are attached to his chest... buffffff I'm dying of pleasure! Please notice when she gets on top, how she rides. What a way to bounce, first looking at my face, and then turning her back on me! It's a fucking marvel, because her pussy is tremendously closed, and I feel every push as if my cock was going to explode with pleasure at any moment! I assure you that it is one of the best fucks I have ever had in my life, few chicks have fucked me like Safira does in this video. Stop reading, and download this crazy scene before it's too late.... BEAUTIFUL!!!

Sara Villegas - 18Yo Made In Colombia [HD 720P]  - PutaLocura

Genre: Puta Locura, PutaLocura, Sara Villegas, Young, Latina, Colombian, Big ass

Video Description: Sara Villegas is another of those girls that you love, you constantly ask me to offer her more and more scenes. I perfectly understand your weakness because the same thing happens to me, when I have her in front of her and I look at her body... full of tattoos, with that piece of ass... and that good girl's face bufffff I get really sick! Today she gets into my bed, but first, I ask her a few questions to find out more about her. I usually do it because she excites me when girls tell intimate stories in front of the camera, that they do it in a natural and relaxed way!Afterwards, we start the fuck with one of those memorable blowjobs! Sara sucks her passionately, she is an expert in oral sex and I quickly have to ask her to get on top of my cock, because otherwise she would have cum on me before time! And how she rides! She is quite the runaway mare, at only 18 years old this Colombian has become a full runaway female. When I see that I'm about to explode, I ask her to change position, so we fuck like pigs until the final moment where I can't take it anymore and I cum inside her mouth! Don't miss how Miss Villegas swallows every last lump of all my cum! Incredible fuck!

Angela Blonde - A Blonde That Shines In Gold [HD 720P]  - PutaLocura

Genre: Puta Locura, PutaLocura, Angela Blonde, Big Tits, Blonde

Video Description: We continue with this magnificent GOLD SERIES where there is only room for The best of the best, great fucks that I will never be able to forget, that will remain forever in my retina and that I have decided to rescue them to share with all of you! After so many years recording porn, there are many new guys who don't know about true gems like the one I bring you today! Her name is Angela Blonde, a beautiful Spanish blonde that I met through a good friend, she brought her to me every time after explaining the following to her I have a friend called Torbe, who is starting out in the world of amateur porn, he records videos with girls of all kinds and then upload them to the internet.The blonde found the matter so morbid and interesting that she decided to come see me that same day. I remember that when she arrived, she quickly undressed and put on several clothes that were screen-printed with the logo of my website. As soon as I got lost, she approached me and pulled down my pants to start sucking my cock in a brutal way! The aunt was so horny and so eager for sex, that I forgot to turn on the camera until a while after we started fucking! I swear to you that she was exactly what I'm telling you, something that only happened to me on that specific day and with this woman! The shame is that I was only able to record it this time, because just as she came, she disappeared! But the great fuck we had with her will remain forever in our memory, a fucking marvel, guys! Don't miss it, it's PURE GOLD!!!
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