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Video Description: Her hair pulled back, the beautiful Celestial rocks Charles' neck in her rear naked choke then nearly pops his head off in a headscissors as her eyes grow wide with power. The angel girl snakes her legs around his neck applying a reverse headscissors poured into her green bikini. Into a reverse figure four headscissors -- another RNC then a figure four that has him flopping and her laughing her addictive laugh -- in total control of the human being beneath her. The alpha girl's quads flex and swell impressively as his jaw audibly creaks in the power of one of the more talented girls at this ever. back in her arms -- throatscissors -- she taunts and hurts him throughout.


Video Description: It seems as though my slave's tolerance for harsh humiliation has increased in recent times; a lifetime of cruel teasing and merciless verbal humiliation has left slave T far more able to cope with my brutal berating than I would like. In an attempt to knock this slave down a peg or two I have requested the help of Tainted Maitrise to assist me in seeing how far we can push slave T before he cries! He is strung up with his wrists in cuffs to remind him of his place among beautiful dominant women. We begin by instructing T to remind us how pathetic he is, and I recount all of the degrading things he has done in the past as my slave. He tells us how he enjoys being degraded, and that this is his only use now; as our humiliation dummy. As we slap his cock and face he shouts in pain and humiliation, begging us to stop! We laugh at his pathetic attempts of protest, and fill his mouth with our spit to further his degradation. His cock is batted between us as Tainted Maitrise and I each hit it back and forth. It seems the pain slut is quite enjoying this as his cock is getting harder with each slap. Harder we must go. We reminisce over some of our favourite degrading things he has done, and I remind him how much he loves cock in his mouth! We instruct him to beg for spunk, and his enthusiasm shows with his mouth gaped open! I refresh his memory of his toilet slave experiences and how he loves getting pissed on. His cock still being slapped back and forth, and his face being spat on, he continues to moan and protest but with the state of his hard cock we can tell this slut loves being degraded.

We spit on his face and cover him with our saliva to make him look like a glazed doughnut covered in spunk! After some more slaps to his penis and relentless verbal humiliation, we are finally satisfied that this pathetic male has suffered. We leave him hung up to think about how hard his pathetic cock has gotten during this degrading treatment



Today I go to a house party with my girlfriends while my husband has to stay at home to clean my gym. Before I leave the house I check his work and I get very angry because my lazy slave did almost nothing. I grab his neck and make him to lick the dirty floor while I verbally humiliate him . I wanna show this lazy bitch where his place is so I put him in my favorite headscissors and make him shove his nose up in my sweaty pussy and butthole .I squeeze his neck with my muscular thighs very hard and make him to sniff my divine holes while I verbally humiliate him.

I had a wonderful time at the party last night and I'm still tipsy when I get home the next morning. I wake my loser husband up and I put him n my favorite headscissors. I squeeze him very hard and make him to sniff my naked sweaty holes while I verbally humiliate him.

I just get home from the gym and I'm sweating like hell because summer heat is here. I open my legs for loser husband and after I crossing them around his neck in many different positions. I squeeze it so hard that the breathing is really difficult for him and his pathetic face turns red as a tomato. I ratchet up the pressure and my muscular thighs cracking into his larynx while stifling his voice. "Come on loser, enjoy the smell of my sweaty pussy and butt through my wet jeans hot shorts!"

I take off my jeans shorts and the sweaty headscissor humiliation continues naked. I make my lucky slave to shove his nose up in my sweaty pussy and butthole while I squeeze his neck with my muscular thighs very hard and humiliate him verbally as well.

In the last years I built a lot of quality muscles and I'm stronger than ever before. Now I give you a taste of my incredible strength and you'll see I can crush you and turn you into my slave whenever I want. I crush a big 8kg watermelon between my amazing muscular thighs and I prove that I'm the undisputed scissorhold queen!



Video Description:  Mistress Paige has an unmatched sex life with someone always pleasuring her, at least orally, including Kenny and Jerry, and other slaves, multiple lovers and in hard times her cuck husband who at almost 50 is still a virgin. In this scene Paige has hubby wearing a mouth dildo. Right from the start he demonstrates his inability to pleasure a woman by entering her too fast and penetrating with the speed of a school boi trying to get some action for the first time in his life. Mistress likes it slow to start and a build up but he has no clue of such techniques. This is an opportune time for Paige to belittle him, make him aware of how small he is and insignificant, in general. She also talks about her hung lovers and of course all the things she has subjected hubby to including a lot of fluffing and cleaning up and the humiliation on the wedding night when he thought she was going to fuck him but instead she fucked the best man. "He didn't even know the best man" she says with a laugh. Naturally Paige decided who would have that job and rugged looks and a big cock were the main criteria. On his wedding night the only sex hubby got was sucking hot cum from his wife's pussy. Eventually hubby gets into a rhythm and Paige closes her eyes imagining someone else while she touches herself. She mentions that she is working on a 20 man bukkake for him and all the cum he misses with his mouth he will lick up. She says she might have to put up a flyer in the neighborhood promoting it with his face on it and a footnote that says the best studs will get to fuck the wife. Soon she thrashes with pleasure and then she has hubby remove the dildo and suck it clean. "It's a combination of my boyfriends cum and my pussy juices" she tells him. Paige now tells hubby he is free to return to his office where they are probably waiting for him. She'll be at home with a boyfriend while he toils at work while in chastity.

Reality Girls Scissors - Slave Drop - Sarah Dise [UltraHD/4K 2160P]

Genre: Sissy Slut, Cross Dressing, Feminization, Sisses, Sissification, Sissy Training, Sissies, Verbal Degradation, Mental Degradation, Mental Humiliation, Mental Domination, Mental Abuse, Verbal Abuse, Verbal Humiliation, Verbal Domination

Club Stiletto Femdom - Kenny'S Arranged Marriage - Auntie Paige'S Guest Room Sex Slave [FullHD 1080P]

Genre: Sex Slave, Taboo, Family Fantasy, Mistress Keres, Milf Domination, Brunette Mistress, Paige, Verbal Degradation, Mental Degradation, Mental Humiliation, Mental Domination, Mental Abuse, Verbal Abuse, Verbal Humiliation, Verbal Domination

Video Description: Sexy milf Goddess, Mistress Keres, is relaxing on the bed in Auntie Paigie's guest room. she is horny and calls for kenny who walks in fully erect as is expected of him at all times. Kenny is thrilled when his owner says "Kenny i need you to fuck me." She them reveals a mouth dildo and tells him "With this." Poor kenny, he never gets used to not being able to fuck his wife. She mocks him that the small rubber penis part that goes in his mouth is about the same size as his cock. Humiliating for kenny especially knowing his wife's boyfriends are all really hung.

Reality Girls Scissors - Making Kaia Angry [UltraHD/4K 2160P]

Genre: Mental Degradation, Mental Humiliation, Mental Domination, Mental Abuse, Verbal Abuse, Verbal Humiliation, Verbal Domination, Extreme Bodyscissor, Body Scissor, Asian Mistress, Asian Goddess, Asian Domina, Mistress Kaia Callous, Straight Headscissors, Triangle Choke

Video Description: The great Kaia Callous has Charles pounding the mat in her infamous straight headscissors, sitting on the chair off the mat. Kaia drags him to the middle of the mat and makes him tap repeatedly. Again her straight headscissors, and again as she hurts Chares' neck jerking it. Her modified figure-four headscissors -- straight headscissors -- brutal bodyscissors -- camel clutches make him scream -- brutal throatscissors -- one of the more vicious holds in submission wrestling. She slaps him from a half-dream inspired by her modified figure-four headscissors -- Standing headscissors have her glutes crunching together and he pounding the floor. The division in her quads is clear as she locks on her standing headscissors -- her calf choke -- more modified figure-four HS have him flailing. Kaia finds a tie off the mat and puts it around the back of his neck, pulling off a sort f reverse collar choke that has his eyes crossing. She pulls up on his chin and sinks him to the mat. Her scary Japanese headscissors ends it.

Club Stiletto Femdom - Edged And Edged And Edged [FullHD 1080P]

Genre: Black Mask, Fishnet Tights, Fishnets, Fishnet Stockings, Mental Humiliation, Mental Domination, Mental Abuse, Verbal Abuse, Verbal Humiliation, Verbal Domination, Mental Degradation, Verbal Degradation, Mistress T, Fetish Fuckery, Pro Mistress

Video Description: Mistress T is kneeling over her slaves face and stroking his cock. "I want to see how long you can handle having that big juicy ass over your face before you cum" she tells him. She then sits fully on his face and tells him to smell her pussy and asshole. She continues to stroke his hard cock. "Imagine how it would feel to fuck that pussy" she tells him, getting him more and more aroused. "I'm happy to keep you on the edge for hours" she tells him as she stops stroking and then slowly starts again. She squeezes his huge cum filled balls and then strokes again, repeatedly bringing him to the edge but never letting him release.

Mistress Enola Fetish - Enola - Facesitting Inferno - Extreme And Hard Face Sitting With Leggings, Cruel Smothering, Ass Worship Many Positions [FullHD 1080P]

Genre: Ass Smelling, Bondage Male, Bondage Slave, Tied Slave, Tied Male, Bound Slave, Bound Male, Mistress Enola, Mental Humiliation, Mental Domination, Mental Abuse, Verbal Abuse, Verbal Humiliation, Verbal Domination, Mental Degradation

Video Description: I decided to tie up my slave so I could mistreat him and smother him with my butt. Without being able to move I sat on his face with my full weight, my leggings were so tight, I knew that he was smelling my perfect scent through my leggings. My ASS completely covered his face, his nose is flattened and red ...I controlled his breathing as I want. At the middle of the clip I sat over his neck/throat twice to make him desperate. He was completely red and desperate to breathe, that made me want to press my ass with his face more, and harder, so I pulled his hair and shoved it up my ass. My butt looks so beautiful and perfect in these leggings. I sat sidewards , front and back so he could feel the power of my ass. How lucky is this useless slave?. He tried to escape but he's tied at the mercy of my ass. I bounced my ass really hard many times to finish him. At the end his face was super red and nose without being able to breathe.

Reality Girls Scissors - Scissor Artist [UltraHD/4K 2160P]

Genre: Verbal Degradation, Mental Degradation, Mental Humiliation, Mental Domination, Mental Abuse, Verbal Abuse, Verbal Humiliation, Verbal Domination, Straight Headscissors, Triangle Choke, Rear Naked Choke, Rnc, Brunette Mistress, Sexy Clothing, Fetish Clothing

Video Description: The beautiful Celestial has her bitch Billie back beneath her, rolling a throatsit into her elite headscissors as he struggles and gurgles; one of the more talented girls anywhere applying her favorite hold, she orders him flatly to "get up" from her reverse headscissors and makes him cry in her standing headscissors powered in part by her perfect balance and calf strength. A flying headscissors makes him tap and on the ground her superstar legs change the shape of his face and make him panic tap as the beautiful girl owns him. She smiles hurting him in a figure four headscissors -- her perfect calves flex with him again going blue in her ass and her reverse headscissors; The stunning girl was born to apply headscissors and Billie screams as his face disappears in her ass in her reverse headscissors. Angled standing headscissors; she orders him "on the ground" into a vicious throatscissors she laughs at him as her adductors swallow his neck. Her wavy black hair; her eyes spaced perfectly apart, Celestial is an addiction and is addicted to almost cracking the bones in Danni's neck in front headscissors that make him take a break. Celestial is a witch with her legs; she can hurt people with every part of them and almost rocks him to rest in another adductor crush/throatscissors but she always wants someone back in her headscissors. She pulls him back into a RNC/bodyscissors and makes him bellow in pain, make strange mumblings as he goes purple in the stronger girl's grip. The beautiful girl humiliates Billie, as though she's going for tapout records and needs him to know she owns him, looking back at him in her reverse headscissors. Her leaning SHS up on her outlandishly hot calf muscles -- her glutes -- tap after tap and it's clear she is going to hurt some people bad . Billie is a tough guy who takes pressure a lot and he's over the intital shock of her skill and just trying to hang on in a reverse headscissors impeccably applied and that shakes him up he asks for her arms, which make him ill as the happy and prodigical girl sticks her tongue out in fun as Billie's neck screams in pain at her side.

Reality Girls Scissors - The Celestial Headcissor Machine [UltraHD/4K 2160P]

Genre: Verbal Degradation, Mental Degradation, Mental Humiliation, Female Slavery, Mental Domination, Mental Abuse, Verbal Abuse, Verbal Humiliation, Verbal Domination, Straight Headscissors, Triangle Choke, Rear Naked Choke, Rnc, Brunette Mistress, Sexy Clothing

Video Description: Celestial picked a good model name -- both noun and verb -- as one of the prettiest girls in wrestling is one of the coolest; and if there's a heaven she'll get there. Billie was not near heaven in her rear naked choke at the outset of action as the usual pain cushion tapped fast, and soon was in a flying headscissors tapping and moaning as Celestial quickly establishes herself over him with skill and some of the hottest legs anywhere. There are scarce types of perfect legs; and she has one of the types. Her dark brown hair in a bun, the beautiful girl makes Billie tap and shake in horrifying calf/ankle cranks, quickly moving to straight headscissors, the creative and flexible girl taps him in grabbing both feet in a jaw-dropping move for its athleticism and for its dominance. One of the greatest reverse headscissors anywhere is followed by her laughter and Billie needs a break. Billie needing a break is rare. Rreturning, Celestial takes her scrunchie out letting her wavy hair fall -- as she makes him tap. She pours on a throatscissors -- and another -- and another -- jumps into a reverse headscissors and drops jaws as she smiles and is running Billie over physically. He throws up in his throat in her rear naked choke -- and in seconds she makes him shake in her reverse headscissors. She's a fucking machine -- throatscissors she barley lets him tap in before they are back, and it is wild and clear she is in complete control with Billie locked in her eyes so perfectly spaced apart. She throatsits Billie, turns him over and compels a noise from him so odd she busts out laughing to his combination of a croak and a yodel while she's pouring on a perfect front headscissors and submitting him -- again. Billie needs another break and when, on their return, she has him mumbling in her elite throatscissors it seems he might not get through action. But he makes it, the hot girl fucking him up in more throatscissors -- looking at him like a science project as he hiccups or something, then choking him in a pelvis choke that she rolls into a perfect front headscissors. Celestial is clearly a star already, and one of the most naturally talented girls at applying headscissors in 12 years of Reality. Her form, how deeply she applies the hold, the use of her inner thighs to control and damage her opponent -- there is no headscissor fan who will now see her and forget her. Billie is fucked up and nauseated by the college beauty whose combination of beauty, power and sweetness makes her a joy to know and a horror to wrestle.

Mistress Enola Fetish - Enola - Upside Down Double Foot Gagging - Foot Licking, One Foot And Two Foot Gagging At The Same Time, Tears On Eyes, Stomped Face Pov [FullHD 1080P]

Genre: Mistress Enola, Enola Feet, Footgagging, Deep Foot, Feet Cleaning, Deep Feet, Extreme Abuse, Extreme Humiliation, Degradation, Verbal Degradation, Mental Degradation, Mental Humiliation, Mental Domination, Mental Abuse, Verbal Abuse

Video Description: So I decided to try another position again and this time I made him lick my feet all over so they can be wet and lubricated to get deep on his throat. First I gagged him with 1 foot ... Each one very deep. Then I foot gagging him with both feet at the same time! His mouth was so wide, It was almost impossible for him to maintain it open that wide ... But I handled it ... I can always make the impossible possible ;) !

Club Stiletto Femdom - Yummy, His Cum And Your Cum [FullHD 1080P]

Genre: Foot Play, Cum Countdown, Family Fantasy, Taboo, Foot Worship, Foot Licking, Forced Cum Eating, Mental Humiliation, Mental Domination, Mental Abuse, Verbal Abuse, Verbal Humiliation, Verbal Domination, Mental Degradation, Verbal Degradation

Video Description: Goddess Amelia had her boyfriend save up his cum for her. He probably thinks she is using it to masturbate but little does he know that his step-bro is her slave and he's the one using it as lube. Amelia smears the cum all over her feet and the slaves dick and has him foot hump her. She then has him lay on his back and she strokes him to release. Both cum specimens are then mixed together and fed to the slave off her fingers and feet.

Miss Suzanna Maxwell - Bust It Out Of You [FullHD 1080P]

Genre: Fetish Clothing, Sexy Clothing, Blonde Mistress, Milf Domination, Masked Slave, Black Mask, Pain Bitch, Hardcore Ballbusting, Mental Humiliation, Mental Domination, Mental Abuse, Verbal Abuse, Verbal Humiliation, Verbal Domination, Mental Degradation

Video Description: Now My boys are close and I am sure they all have a joke and a giggle with one another ... I discovered that they have a nickname for Me that they use in private. Imagine My elation upon stumbling upon this discovery, however it swiftly turned sour when flash would not give up the nickname nor tell Me who uses it. One swift kick in the dick has him drop to his knees where I tell him to question his life choices. If roles where reversed would the other boys protect him ... I reign kicks to his ball sack alternating left and right so he barely has time to think let alone catch his breath. he falls down, I drag him back up by the hair and this continues until he is sweaty heap on the floor once more. I decide to keep him there on his knees and kick him from behind ... I even take a run up !! A tight black vest, mini skirt and hot pink sandals match My ferociously sadistic but fun mood. I laugh out loud, whilst its sweet he is valiantly trying to protect his friends, we all know I always get what I want and at this rate with the intensity of My kicks he won't have any balls left if he doesn't confess soon !!! I will bust it out of you !!
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