Video Description: Sweet but deviant Mistress Kassy is up early so she decides to make her slaves breakfast. She pours some milk into a cup but before adding it to the slaves cereal she reveals three condoms each with a huge load of cum in them. Her boyfriends shoot massive loads. She explains she had them save the cum so she could add it to her husbands cereal. She empties the condoms into the milk, stirs it, then pours it onto the cereal. She sets the dish on the floor where she makes hubby eat his meals. When he comes in she first asks him if he heard her getting fucked last night. He bows his head and turns red and says he did. "It's crazy how we can fuck for 2 or 3 hours" she says. She then points out the man bowl on the ground and he is excited to see the cereal. "I usually only feed him rice" she says, looking at the camera, then tells him to get his head in the bowl quickly, "before the milk goes sour."

The slave starts to eat the cereal and then comments the milk tastes a bit different. "Remember how I said I wanted more protein in your diet?" she asks him. "Yes, Miss" he replies. She then explains that she has added her lovers cum to the milk. He grimaces so she leans over and pushes his head into the bowl and tells him to eat up. As he eats she tells him to make sure all the milk is slurped up. To add to his humiliation she sits on his back and says "Maybe all that cum will help your little dick grow." How embarrassing. Kassy feels cum running out of her pussy so she sticks her fingers inside herself to scoop it up and leans over and sticks it in hubbies mouth. "Cucks can never get enough cum" she says. The slave manages to consume all the cereal and the milk so she tells him to go change the laundry on the bed. "It's full of cum" she says with a grin. As a bonus after the slave is gone, Kassy stands over the man bowl and pees into it. What an amazing view up her skirt watching all that sweet nectar come falling down. She calls hubby back in, points to the bowl and says "I forgot to give you your apple juice."

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