Genre: Solo, Anal, Fisting, Huge Dildo, Gape, Horse Dildo, Bad Dragon

Genre: Solo, Anal, Fisting, Huge Dildo, Gape, Horse Dildo, Bad Dragon

Genre: Solo, Anal, Fisting, Huge Dildo, Gape, Horse Dildo, Bad Dragon

Genre: Queen, bottle, gape, gaping, prolapsing, milf, double fist, punch, anal, masochistic, punch fist, climax

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Video Description: A drop dead gorgeous, new size Queen 'KSU' stars in this incredible debut video, double penetrating her blown out butt hole with an XL h0rse cock and double dildo, till she reaches the most intense, screaming orgasms and her hole's a perma gaping wreck! Size Queens just don't come more beautiful than this stunning lady, with an impeccable body, super huge breasts and the face of an Angel! But this ravenous anal whore is not angelic in any sense of the word! She's a self confessed anal nympho, addicted to stretching out her rectum to shocking levels and she's so fucking arousing to watch destroying her hole! Enjoy seeing this stunning slut triple penetrating her ass with three giant dildos, whilst frantically masturbating her clit, till she reaches her first intense climax and shows us her blown out anal prolapse! It's completely fucking wrecked, but she's still horny to ruin it even more! Her next toy is a humongous h0rse dick measuring 16" tall, which she stands beneath her and slams her hole right down to its medial ring, making its head bulge her belly from the inside! WOW! This super hot slut really loves stretching out her ass with deep penetrations that already blew us away, but her debut video gets even better! She mounts the h0rse dick to a fucking machine, bends over on all fours, letting it slam her hole at full speed, then slides another giant dildo in alongside! Yes! This super hot blond is now double fucking her anal rose with an XL h0rse dick and 17" double dong, deep, hard and fast! She explodes in a powerful gushing climax, then shows us her humongous gape that's so huge, she uses an XL glass plug to seal it shut again in the aftermath of this incredible scene, you really wouldn't want to miss!

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Video Description: Horny for some hardcore lesbian anal sex? This looks like a job for the Powerbottom Girls! April Olsen, Jane Wilde, and I take turns stuffing each other's holes full! April starts off bent over, ready for Jane and I to finger and fist. We reach right in and make sure her asshole is nice and gaped before using toys. Soon it is Jane's turn to be sodomized as we open her up for April to fuck with her strapon dildo! Finally it's my turn to be treated like a real slut as the girls DP me with toys and manage to fit their fists inside my perfect pink holes!

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Video Description: This Barbie come fully equipped with fisting, gaping, farting, spit fetish, deep throating, and so much more. Using big toys to destroy my asshole

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Genre: Solo, Anal, Fisting, Huge Dildo, Gape, Horse Dildo, Bad Dragon

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Video Description: Rough penetration, ass to pussy, big gapes, ass to mouth, anal stretching, squirting, deepthroating so much anal fun. I'm a nasty slut, I love the sounds my asshole makes after cumming all over the dick. My asshole gets so juicy after cumming and farts all over. I can't get enough. Covering myself in my spit after roughly fucking my face is so much fun

Foxness - Dirty anal DATM Farting and major gape play [FullHD 1080P]

Genre: Scat Solo, Anal, Datm, Dirty, Farting, Foxness, Gape, Major, Play

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