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Video Description: Our beautiful Las Vegas Latina 'Lilly Fuck Slut' returns in this outrageous update, fucking her blown out, gushing hole with an XXL 'Butt Bolt' plug from 'Hankeys Toys' in the shower, till she reaches multiple explosive orgasms! This stunning Latin babe is so addictive to watch, with her smouldering hot looks and extreme obsession for stretching out her hungry, bucket sized cunt with the very biggest toys round the clock! Lilly's constantly aching to blow out her hole and has toys scattered all around her house for quick access when she needs them. Even her shower's equipped with humongous dildos, one of which is the XXL Butt Bolt! This gigantic plug measures 7" tall x 4" thick, and it's textured surface matches its menacing name, with a thick ridge screw thread around its shaft that's meant to be wound into the most insatiable holes with a slow pace, but that's not how Lilly fucks this cunt wrecking toy! Oh No! The ravenous whore just rams this fucking bolt completely in and out of her snatch for maximum destruction! See her fuck herself senseless in the shower, with her smoking hot body soaking wet, and pussy gushing profusely with her orgasmic fluids! She gives us many close up views, from multiple angles of the Bolts girth stretching out her cunt lips to tearing point, whilst frantically masturbating her clit and screaming in ecstasy, till her hole's a giant mound of bulging cunt flesh completely wrecked in the aftermath!

Young Goddess Club - Goddess Sephora - Extreme Whipping [FullHD 1080P]

Genre: Femdom And Strapon, Club, Extreme, Goddess, Sephora, Whipping, Young

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Video Description: Our extreme anal 'Queen Maria' returns in this outrageous update, having her blown out butt hole double punch fucked to complete destruction by her new boyfriends giant fists! If you're a hardcore anal enthusiast then you really don't want to miss this scene! Enjoy watching Maria bent over on all fours, as her BF approaches from behind and unleashes his savage fisting onslaught. He begins with both hands held together and sinks them wrist deep in her cavernous ass with ease! Maria groans in instant euphoria feeling her rectum stretched out to its absolute limits, whilst frantically masturbating her clit. The penetration is hard and fast twisting thrusts of his fists blasting her butt hole till it's a humongous, gaping wreck! Maria reaches a powerful, body shattering climax, then pulls her cheeks apart with both hands, showing us her enormous gape, but there's no respite for her insatiable hole and her BF is finished wrecking it just yet. He punches his fists right back in and continues obliterating her ass even harder, making Maria shudder in several more explosive orgasms, then lays on her back and pushes her ass to prolapse like a bulging pink sock, totally annihilated in the aftermath of this unmissable scene!

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Video Description: The stunning, British, size Queen 'Yoni' returns in this extreme cunt destruction movie, tearing her snatch apart with the XXXL 'Vein' dildo from 'All Night Toys', till it's a squirting, gaping wreck! The beautiful blond has such a huge pussy that can only be satisfied by the most enormous dildos, and the 'Vein' is one of her favorites to stretch it to her limits! The shaft of this toy measures 15" tall' x 4.3" thick, covered in bulging veins that really stimulate Yonis snatch, as it penetrates deep into her womb! Enjoy watching her squat above its head and devour it over halfway, whilst facing the camera and frantically masturbating her clit! 'OMFG Yes! It's SO Big! Tear That Cunt Apart!' Yoni groans, whilst grinding her snatch up and down in circular motions, hitting every pleasure spot in her horse sized pussy! She continues bouncing up and down, harder and deeper till she reaches a breathtaking climax, that makes her entire body tremble, but this ravenous monster cock craving whore still wants more extreme cunt destruction! Yoni turns around with her peachy ass facing the camera and slams her hole right back on her toy! Now we can see her vaginal lips really torn apart, gripping tightly round its shaft every time she lifts up and slams right back down! Her hole is totally fucking wrecked and Yonis at the peak of her most intense orgasm! She bends over in front of the camera, gapes her massive hole apart, and squirts her juices right towards us in the aftermath of this epic scene that cannot be missed!

Elis Euryale - Extreme Balls Smashing with Heavy Rope [FullHD 1080P]

Genre: Femdom And Strapon, Balls, Elis, Euryale, Extreme, Heavy, Rope, Smashing

Genre: Orgasm, extreme, double fist, fisting

Video Description: We have a thrilling update starring the insatiable fisting whore 'Natalia' double fisted and fucked with her boyfriends raging hard cock, till she gushes like a faucet tap in multiple, explosive orgasms! This stunning, young, babe has a super sized cunt for her tender age, obliterated from excessive fisting and stretching by her dominant boyfriend. Enjoy watching this scene begin with Natalia laid back on the bed, as he shoves both his fist and raging cock in her hole. Natalia screams in ecstasy, whilst her pussy's ripped apart to tearing point and her BF jerks himself off inside her! She loves every moment of this extreme cunt destruction, but her BF will push her limits even further. He pulls out his hand and dick, replacing them with three large dildos. He bludgeons her pussy without mercy, then slides his dick in along side, stuffing her to the brim with four dicks! He continues slamming her hole till Natalia almost passes out, then pulls out his cock and jerks himself off till he blasts a heavy load of dick snot over her snatch. Natlias cunt is now doused in his cum and she continues fucking herself with the three dildos, till she reaches another body shattering orgasm that must be seen!

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Video Description: The ravenous anal slut 'Alex' returns in her most extreme ass destruction movie, blasting her gaping, wrecked hole with a humongous 'Asmodeous' dildo from 'Twisted Beast Toys' attached to a fucking machine! This stunningly hot, young slut has thrilled us with many movies, devouring gargantuan dildos in her butt hole entirely to their bases, and this unmissable update is amongst her very best! The gargantuan Asmodeous toy measures 23" long x 4.5" thick, covered in ridges, bumps and ribs that totally obliterate Alex's hole the way she desperately craves! We couldn't believe our eyes when we saw how fucking deep she devours this toy, splitting her ass apart to its anatomical limits and defying the laws of physics! Enjoy watching Alex mount the Asmodeous to her fucking machine, then insert it over halfway in her rectum and turn up the power! Her elasticated anal ring grips tightly round every rib of its shaft, whilst blasting in and out, penetrating deep in her belly! She takes over 16" of this beastly toy slamming her butt hole to complete destruction, whilst rocking her body back and forth for maximum depth insertion. Her pussy drools profusely with her orgasmic fluids, as she explodes in ecstasy several times, then spreads her hole apart directly towards the camera, showing us how fucking huge her gape is in the aftermath of this incredible scene from AlexBreeCooper that just cannot be missed!

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Video Description: Our most extreme anal 'Queen Maria' stars in this brutal ass destruction movie, fucked with a huge champagne bottle insanely deep, till her holes a blown out, prolapsing wreck! There's just no object this insatiable, Latin, MILF would refuse to stretch out her rectum with to excess! If it's thick enough to annihilate her hole, she'll fuck it with extreme satisfaction. Enjoy watching another epic movie from Maria, beginning with her shackled to a St Andrews bondage cross, surrendering her greedy hole to her boyfriend for him to blast it with the champagne bottle. He inserts it from its unforgiving base end first and shoves it all the way up to the neck! Maria gasps in ecstasy, as her hole's stretched apart by the solid glass bottle, and blasted in and out relentlessly! Her busted butt hole prolapses profusely every time he pulls out the bottle, then slams it right back in! The brutal penetration makes Marias pussy drool with orgasmic juices, as she enjoys several intense climaxes back to back, in multiple positions. This insane ass destruction is so extreme, her rectum hangs out like a prolapsing pink sock in the aftermath and will need an XL butt plug just to seal her shut again!

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Video Description: Our beautiful insertion Goddess ' CrazyWifeSlut ' stars in this epic update, double fucking both her slobbering, wrecked holes with XL Dog and Dragon dicks mounted to a powerful fucking machine, till they're both destroyed beyond return! We've seen this stunningly hot model thrill us with the most extreme penetrations, taking two fists in each hole and devouring the biggest dildos on the planet! Now the insatiable whore is fulfilling another of her most perverse fantasy's being pummelled with brute f0rce by two beastly dongs, using machine power! These giant Dog and Dragon dicks even have ejaculating cum tubes that flood her ass and cunt with fantasy semen! Enjoy watching CrazyWifeSlut begin the scene bent over on all fours, with her impeccable physique completely nude in all its beauty! She backs up onto both dongs, inserting them completely to the balls, then turns on the fucking machines power! HOLY SHIT! This is one of the most arousing double penetrations we've ever watched! Seeing the Dog and Dragon dicks annihilating CrazyWifeSluts ass and cunt, filling them with cum blasting creampies, till they gush out the sides! She's the most beautiful inter-species breeding whore our eyes will ever see. She spreads both cheeks apart, as the toys pummel her holes without mercy, making her squirt in multiple, explosive orgasms. Her ass and cunt are so fucking wrecked, they gape, prolapse and drool profusely in the aftermath of this incredible update that really must be seen!

Scissor Foxes - Extreme Electra - You Have The Right To A Brutal Beatdown! [HD 720P]

Genre: Femdom And Strapon, Beatdown, Brutal, Electra, Extreme, Foxes, Right, Scissor

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Video Description: The beautiful American size Queen 'MsBwur' returns in this extreme insertion movie, impaling her blown out, horse sized cunt on the 4XL 'Kane Korso' dildo from 'Hankeys Toys', till she reaches several explosive orgasms! This stunningly hot MILF is so addictive to watch, with her super hot physique and ravenous, loose cunt she just cannot stop stretching with the most humongous toys available. Her favorite weapon of cunt destruction is the Kane Korso toy, measuring a whopping 17" tall x 4.5" thick, making this massive dong even bigger than the 4XL Goliath! Enjoy watching MsBwur stand it beneath her, squat over its head and impale her drooling snatch right down to the centre and thickest part of its shaft. The intense stretching sensations send instant shockwaves of ecstasy throughout her body, as she bounces up and down relentlessly, swallowing an extra inch with every thrust! The Kane Korsos head bursts up into her belly, making it bulge from the inside out and stretches her slobbering snatch to its anatomical limits! WOW! This ravenous MILF really loves to destroy her hole to excess, and doesn't stop slamming on her colossal toy, till she explodes in multiple, body shattering orgasms that cannot be missed if you're a fan of this mesmerising insertion Goddess!
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